Metro Sports Fieldhouse believes that sports and physical activity plays a huge part in the overall development of our youth. To support our theory, we will be hosting two free basketball camps on April 4th and April 11th 2020 in support of the UTA Kinesiology research team.


The UTA Kinesiology team will be conducting a project entitled "Brain Health and Active Living: A Social Ecological Approach". In addition to basketball skills training provided by Metro Sports Fieldhouse, the research team will ask participants to complete one short survey at the beginning of each event, wear a watch during the week between each event, and play two cognitive based games.


The research performed during these two events will help demonstrate how brain health and the daily activity

(i.e., physical activity, sitting, sleep) are related and show how a persons activity is supported

by their surroundings.


The project needs 50-100 youth grades 6th-8th. Participants must be able to attend both days (April 4th and April 11th). We will have free giveaways and lunch will be provided for all participants.


Come have fun, stay active, empower our young people to participate in science and help UTA collect important data relevant to the brain development of young people.

Please click the image below to register.