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What Are We Trying To Build? 

People love the uniqueness of Metro Sports Fieldhouse programming. We believe that there is one major thing missing that would enable us to make an even greater impact in the community that we serve. As Metro Sports Fieldhouse enters our 4th year of operation as a non-profit organization, we are excited to announce plans to put fourth our efforts to establish a dedicated multi-use facility that will allow us to increase the number of individuals that we impact, expand our outreach in our community by providing a central resource to support the objectives and causes of other organizations in Arlington, and contribute to the increased economic development in our community. Arlington, TX is the American Dream City and is the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We believe that Metro Sports Fieldhouse embodies the American Dream City title through our goals and objectives, operation, programming, and staff. Arlington residents and visitors can bring their children to a Metro Sports Fieldhouse event and they will be exposed to activities and topics that will encourage physical activity, good health, key life skill development, educational enhancement, and overall well-being.


Metro Sports Fieldhouse multi-use facility will provide Arlington and surrounding communities with:

• Opportunities for collaboration between other organizations

• Resources for Arlington organizations to fulfill their ministries

• Facility space that we currently don't have for sports and non sports events

• Additional economic development opportunities


Arlington is an attractive place to live and or visit. Arlington's entertainment, restaurants and art & culture, combined with the Metro Sports Fieldhouse multi-use facility will be leveraged as great resources to bring even more visitors into the city. We believe that the city of Arlington misses out on additional opportunities to bring more visitors into our city because we do not have adequate space to support youth sporting and other types of events. Since our inception, it has been the focus of our organization to provide quality, free programming that is accessible to individuals in Arlington and the surrounding communities and serve as a primary source for community-building. Metro Sports has proven itself to be an important city asset. Acquiring dedicated space will allow us to increase our value to the community.

Donated: $300,000

Goal: $3,000,000