Internship Opportunities

Our goal is to expand our reach and impact and continue to establish ourselves as one of the top providers in the community for youth mentorship. We strive to provide unique and fun programming that will have a lasting impact on the kids.

Metro Sports Fieldhouse is looking for interns to help us execute our mission and work towards achieving our short term and long-term goals. We will provide interns with great opportunities to grow in their area of study and participate in meaningful activities that serve a higher purpose while attaining the necessary hours to complete their internship program. Interns will have an opportunity to take on some or all of the responsibilities listed below.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Organize program events

  • Facilitate Events

  • Help increase event participation

  • Mentor youth

  • Provide input and come up with new program and event ideas

  • Identify new partnerships

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Market organization and events

  • Run various social media accounts

  • Provide input on fundraising ideas

  • Identify new grant and donation opportunities

  • Present current and future plans to perspective grantors and donors

  • Apply for grants to aid project initiatives

Each intern will be provided with a tentative plan that will identify key areas of need to support Metro Sports Fieldhouse.

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