Metro Sports Fieldhouse believes that education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to help better the lives of others and change the world. It is truly an investment that pays the best interest. That is why we provide unique programming that uses sports as a vehicle to promote educational enrichment.

In addition to the holistic development of our youth, the need for health and wellness programs have increased. As technology advances, the importance of active living decreases. Our programs encourage continued physical fitness through sporting activities and help address key issues as it relates to youth. Our goal at Metro Sports Fieldhouse is to emphasize the key components of sports and physical activity that correlate to increased educational productivity.

Statistics show that children (1/10) are less likely to be obese, have reduced risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and overall lower health care cost if they are active and from active homes. From an educational standpoint, children involved in sports activity score 40% higher on test, are involved in less smoking and drug use, are likely to go to college 15% more that none active children, and will recognize 7% higher earnings.